DC8 Collaborate with Ashgrove SS & Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

Across 2012 and 2013, DC8 Studio assisted Ashgrove State School as a pro bono partner in the design and development of their Kitchen Classroom, which was integral to the School’s delivery of their Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. With two directors (Jacob Hutson and Amelia Lee) having children at the school, DC8 has a strong relationship with this community, and were keen to support the school in their implementation of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.

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DC8 Studio Matryoshka Ideology

At DC8 we  like to take a hands on approach when representing and explaining our design intentions to each other and to clients. So when we saw the matryoshka below we couldn’t help ourselves, a modern (rock) take on a traditional object that has turned out to be a hit, not only on the stage, but also in the meeting room.

The metaphor of the Russian Doll (or matryoshka) embodies the relationship between similar objects within one another, and offers a suitable framework to guide our thinking on creating spaces rather than buildings. 

We are seeking to develop an appropriate layering of space and interaction within an between these levels. It is with particular reference to the spatial layer between the private and greater public realm (or middle spaces), that we believe the shared network opportunities are created which are the cement that bonds a community together.

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And the winner is...

At DC8, there really is one thing we do best: design. Design is a process of artfully putting things together, of problem solving along the way. 

A lesser-known secret is how well we, at DC8 Studio, eat. Recently we celebrated our enjoyment of this in our 2013 Christamas celebrations, and in our gift to our DC8 Family - our crew and clients.

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DC8 Studio Welcomes Two New Crew Members

Along with the new year DC8 Studio has also recently welcomed two new crew members to the office. Milton Zietsman and Marko Banic bring a collection of fresh views and experiences to the DC8 family and we could not be happier to have them as part of the team!


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Legacy Way Tunnell Control Centre: DC8 Studio give Brisbane more than it bargained for.

DC8 Studio’s vision and value-adding ethos has helped turn what was to be a stand-alone tunnel control centre into a valuable, income-producing asset for Brisbane City.

The new control centre for the Legacy Way Tunnel is now the epicentre of a seven-storey commercial building in Bowen Hills, including five floors of A-grade office space and retail tenancies.

The project is a great example of how genuine economic value can be added through considered and innovative design.

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