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Mining and the Property Industry


Gladstone growth and development opportunities

Members of the DC8 Studio Crew, Clients and Collaborators attended the Property Council of Australia breakfast on the Mining and Property industry in the Gladstone region. Guest speakers included Mayor of Gladstone CR Gail Sellers, Adrian Pisarski (Executive Officer of Qshelter) and Cameron Mana (General manager – Business Growth Devine Limited).

The discussions highlighted a range of issues resulting from the resources growth and the associated housing crunch in the region. Council and government infrastructure is under pressure and looking for expansion.

High rent and affordability

Local community is experiencing both the benefits and the drawbacks. Rents have skyrocketed, and housing availability / affordability for the elderly and non-resource employed has become a real issue which has an impact on the 60000 odd permanent residents in the short, and long term. Speakers balanced elements of opportunity and risk across these issues with reference to the property industry. The ULDA also received a large amount of coverage and is of particular interest with respect to its future following the election of the new Queensland Government. In summary one got the feeling that the people of the area are looking for innovative solutions to deliver funding, speed in delivery of housing and amenity as well as planning structures to support this as their opinion is that the resources need is here to stay for the medium term and thus underpinning demand.