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Great Ideas for Grey Street

Grey Street is about to experience many changes in the next 15 years. As the nexus of the ‘southern CBD’, Grey Street will be effected by nearby developments which it connects in Woolloongabba, South Brisbane and West End as well as the pressures of population, traffic and economic growth, as well as the dissolution of South Bank Corporation as administration for the precinct is novated to the Brisbane City Council. In response to these changes South Bank Corporation commissioned the Grey Street Exchange.

Australian Parkour Association vice president Tony and DC8 Studio’s Christopher Rawlinson both attended the Grey Street Exchange workshop on Saturday to share ideas about Grey Street, and how it might develop in the future. Both contributed from their experiences as workers and play-ers within the precinct, as well as contributing from their research programmes and as representatives of users within the precinct.

Also in attendance was public artist Elizabeth Woods and Brisbane Skate Cartel founder Scott Shearer, as well as other stakeholders including residents and business owners.

It was a pleasure to be involved in a democratic planning and visioning function facilitated by South Bank Corporation.