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DC8 Studio at the 2012 National Architecture Conference "Experience"

Architectural Inspiration

Its already been a week since the DC8 Studio architects - Gen, Chris, Rob, Ron, Lachlan, Amelia, Riccardo and Brett attended the 2012 National Architecture Conference titled “Experience” held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Brisbane last hosted this event about 24 years ago, so its been a long time coming, and what a great turn out – over 1500 delegates, around 800 of which were from Queensland!!!

A fresh take of Brisbane from some of the best architects of the time looking for a sustainable future

It was great to re-experience our own city alongside the visitors as they offered a different lens to our accustomed eyes. Basing the conference around “Experience”, as well as bringing guest speakers who took a broader view of our environment (rather than simply the buildings within it), grounded both the visual and theoretical elements which could be digested in a tangible and accessible manner through real experimentation.

Much like some of the speakers, such as Wang Shu and Peter Rich who utilized and up skilled local people with local materials and culture, so too did we all feel like we were being exposed, refreshed and evolved in relevant and resilient ideas which are applicable across humanity as a whole and here in Brisbane.

We also all got to reafirm our love of drawing and thinking - a good connection to  Juhani Pallasmaa’s Thinking Hand from last years conference.  We connected, and the benefits are ongoing as so many of us in the office got to share the experience.

Catching up with old friends in design architecture

At a personal level, it was great to see Gen and Chris weaving around the student activity, while Lachlan, Rob, Riccardo and Ron connected with old friends and faces from our previous years at Mirvac Design. Amelia went all Sydney on us as she enjoyed the company of her old peers from Tonkin Zulaikha Greer, and I got to spend the briefest of moments chatting to Peter Rich (my Lecturer from Wits in 1992), Peter Smith and Sarah Foley.

Great to see all again and look forward to next year. Congratulations on a great event.


 Inspiration from the National Architecture Conference.