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Property marketing specialist shares the DC8 studio space.

This week property marketing specialists Marketing Junction started sharing some space at our Newstead studio. With a strong focus on marketing for the property industry across a wide range of project types, Belinda Brosnan, the managing director of Marketing Junction and her team are closely aligned to DC8 Studio’s goals of bringing our extended family of collaborators closer. With Marketing Junction right here in the studio, access to a high level marketing team is now simpler than ever.


Marketing Junction is a professional services company based in Brisbane and Central Queensland providing a range of specialist marketing and business coaching services to a variety of industries. It has extensive experience in Property and Media working on more than 50 project brands within the property industry (including land, housing, apartments, retail, hotels and resorts and masterplanned communities) and more than 17 years sales, marketing and customer management experience, including extensive participation in key company executive committees.


Belinda Brosnan has worked on well-known brands including The Sunday Mail, The Courier-Mail, Brisbane News, Estee Lauder Cosmetics, AVJennings, Urban Pacific, Macquarie Real Estate and Mirvac in both WA and QLD.


Marketing Junction is well positioned to see clients truly succeed creating results through access to extensive networks and a reputation for infiltrating marketing throughout the entire business putting customers at the forefront of all business interactions. 

You can find out more about Marketing Junction when their website launches very soon. Or come in and chat to Belinda in the studio.