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Will an LNP win in the QLD State Election revive the property sector?

 “Reducing taxes, fixing planning laws, re-empowering councils and
      increasing State Government support at the highest level”

are among the features of the LNP Property and Construction Strategy just unveiled by Leader Campbell Newman.

Attending the property council breakfast with over 500 fellow industry collegues, Amelia Lee listened with interest as Campbell Newman revealed his plans for improving the struggling property sector.

At the breakfast the main strategies revealed included;

  • Leadership from Government through the establishment of a Cabinet Committee focused on property and construction chaired by the Queensland Treasurer
  • Appoint a dedicated “go to” person for property and construction issues
  • Addressing planning system inconsistencies and inefficiencies by fixing the Sustainable Planning Act and minimising the introduction of any new State Planning Policies and Regulatory Provisions
  • Making affordable housing a goal of all planning schemes
  • Re-introducing the stamp duty concession saving Queensland families $7,000 on average when buying a family home
  • Repealing the Industry Waste Levy (waste tax) saving Queensland businesses an estimated $372 million over the next four years
  • Winding back the Urban Land Development Authority and re-empowering Local Governments to make local planning decisions

Will these plans come to fruition? Will they make a difference? With all lending institutions in Australia still affected by international funding constraints and even the IMF (international monetary fund) advising another tight fiscal year any improvement will be tough to achieve but a welcome respite.

A clear approach will provide some confidence, something lacking in the sector currently.

See the LNP Property and Construction policy announcement here

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